Rick Pufky ~ DevOps Generalist

Rick joined OmniTI in July 2010. Previous to joining OmniTI, he worked at a company providing services to merchants selling products on the comparison shopping engines. There, he wore many hats: software engineering, systems administration, and database administration. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer at a company working with embedded systems for radios.

In the software engineering realm, he has worked with many languages: C/C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and several others. He has performed work on both the front-end and back-end of various websites, as well as standalone and embedded systems.

In the systems administration realm, he has worked with various unix-like systems for the past 15 years, running many services on them (webservers, databases, load balancing, etc).

In the database administration realm, he has worked with PostgreSQL and MySQL databases of various sizes. A few other databases and other value stores have also been used, but nowhere near as much.

He hopes to learn something from those who are the masters of their field.

Personal Note

I have a daughter and a son and live in Binghamton, NY. We love it there for multiple reasons. The reason we actually moved there though is that the scenery is beautiful, but we can still get some of the advantages of a larger city.

I also love to read. We currently have a (slowly growing) library of about 3500 novels, most of which are SciFi and Fantasy, though there are some classics in there (Complete works of Shakespeare; a bunch of Charles Dickens; etc). When I'm not spending time with the family or busy online, I'm reading.

Oh, and we also have a cat, named Neo...



On the web

  1. Github: rpufky
  2. Blog: rickpufky.blogspot.com/