Leon Fayer ~ Vice President

Leon joined the OmniTI team in March 2002, bringing with him years of experience in working with Internet technology. His expertise lies in architecting complex, web-based applications to enhance end-user control of a system’s work flow. He possesses a proven background of web application development, system architecture and production deployment.

 His familiarity with a wide range of technologies—and a technology agnostic mentality—allows him to recommend optimal solutions for any project. Leon leverages his deep experience with modern Web frameworks and technologies, and a well-balanced combination of open-source technology or proprietary software, to develop complex online systems serving millions of users.

 His management expertise spans the full range of technology operations functions—managing budget and staff, and developing strategic and tactical technology plans, as well as writing code.

Prior to joining OmniTI, Leon led multiple teams through the architecture, design and development of web-based systems for startups, enterprise level companies, and the Federal government (including the White House) and was one of the architects behind what is now, IBM’s premier enterprise content management platform.

In his current role, Leon advises clients about critical aspects of project strategies and plans to help ensure project success.

Personal Note

I am the longest-tenured non-Schlossnagle employee at OmniTI. I am also apparently the company’s “token Russian guy.”

Outside of work I like watching and participating in pretty much any team sport. Except for baseball. Baseball is not a team sport.

I don’t like vegetables. It’s not food, it’s what food eats.

I have a 90 shadow priest on Mal’ganis. If you know what this means: you’re one of 10 million unfortunate souls who keeps Vivendi’s stock up.