DevOps Generalist

OmniTI's DevOps team is looking for an Engineer!

The DevOps Practice at OmniTI provides consulting services to organizations that are seeking to improve their software development and operation processes. Some clients come to us “asking for DevOps”; others are looking for inter-silo friction reduction, CI, CD, configuration management, cloud automation, or developer support automation. The DevOps Practice serves all of these needs, and many things in-between.

About The Job

The role of DevOps Generalist is a hands-on technical role, and requires thorough understanding of all components of a modern web application stack, including front-end, database, networking and systems level knowledge. In this role you will be working with clients to design, build and operate reliable and scalable services in the cloud, our custom hosting platform, or in their datacenter. You are up to date on current cloud technologies and are equally comfortable on the whiteboard as you are on the command line. No one knows it all, but these are the kinds of things we're looking for:

About You:

  • Experience with cloud and virtualization technologies: AWS, VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM, zones/containers, Vagrant, Docker
  • Linux experience, especially on Red Hat family or Debian family
  • Strong background in web server technologies such as Apache, HAProxy, or NGINX
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills with the ability to dive deep into all aspects of the stack
  • Experience with configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, or Ansible
  • Programming/scripting experience in Ruby, Python, bash, Perl
  • Familiarity with version control systems, such as Git, from an end-user perspective
  • Familiarity with the care and feeding of modern web/services frameworks, such as Rails, Twisted, NodeJS, Java web containers
  • Deep knowledge of at least one automation server, such as Jenkins, TravisCI, etc.
  • Technical gumption: “Yeah, I could glue those things together”
  • Very solid remote collaboration skills; this includes willingness to switch tools to make yourself more available to the customer (e.g., using a Mac instead of a Linux desktop to improve videoconferencing support).
  • Ability to engage multiple clients with diverse work-styles; flexibility, ability to establish trust quickly, political savvy
  • Enough experience to be able to speak frankly and honestly about whether automation is the right approach for a problem; enough confidence to suggest process or organizational changes that might eliminate the task
  • Empathy


  • Able to understand and diagnose common network issues in the cloud or datacenter; IP networking protocols, routing, SDN basics
  • Net/FreeBSD, Solaris / IllumOS / OmniOS experience
  • Build-promote-deploy pipeline integration experience
  • Familiarity with version control systems such as Git, from an integrator perspective
  • Monitoring experience, such as Sensu, Datadog, etc. Bonus points for Circonus.
  • Understanding of business pressures and how they align or misalign with technical pressures
  • Able to communicate in terms of business value when needed
  • Able to track technical debt
  • Understanding of several work management approaches, such as command-and-control, Agile, etc.
  • Able to participate in sprint planning, or Kanban, or whatever the client is using
  • Interest in writing or speaking about your work, in blogs and at meetups and conferences

You must be willing to share in an on-call rotation and work diligently to eliminate sources of operational disruption. Candidates local to the Baltimore/DC metro area are preferred but remote work is available. Relocation may be an option as well. If you contribute to an open source project, have a blog, or are involved in technology in some other way, we would love to hear about it when you write to us!

Interested? Apply here.

At OmniTI we believe in diversity as a core asset. From the tools we use to the technologies we choose to the people we work with, diversity in approach has always lead us to better success. We take pride in the diversity of our staff, and seek diversity in our applicants.

Staff Thoughts

This is a great place to be exposed to a wide variety of technologies and to be mentored by some of the brightest minds in the business. Knowledge is shared openly, and the amount is limited only by your ability to absorb it.

~ Eric Sproul, Systems Administrator.

Where else can you work with people from whose books you learned to program.

~ Leon Fayer, Vice President.